Social Media Tracking

Social media offers a unique opportunity for state government relations professionals to better understand how state and local policymakers are communicating with constituents and activists on critical policy issues. In addition to identifying who these officials are, SGR teams will want to know…

  •  How active are they?
  •  How influential are they?
  •  How often are they talking about issues important to my organization?
  •  What exactly are these policymakers saying?


Identification, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of public policy issue-related mentions on social media.

At the state and local government level, there are over 7,400 legislators, 50 governors, 49 lieutenant governors, four secretaries of state, 50 attorneys general, and thousands of mayors. A majority of these officials are not only active on social media but they are also using these channels to promote their policy efforts.

In addition, there are thousands of groups working hard to advance policy ideas that affect your organization—positively or negatively.

With PolicyFeed, you can keep a close eye on all these policy influencers and decision makers in real time.

  • Save time - Don’t get bogged down searching for relevant profiles and hashtags. We’ve already identified the profiles for thousands of policymakers who are active on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Stay connected - No one has time to monitor social media 24/7. Our analysts filter for the profiles and issues you care about and send you reports on a routine basis.
  • Gain insight, fast - Identify new and changing directions on your issues before legislative action occurs.
  • Be compliant - Stop! Before you tweet at or direct message a policymaker on social media, check the lobbying laws with our Social Media Engagement Lobbying Guide.


For more information on PolicyFeed, contact Tina Phillips.