City and County Issue Alerts

There are thousands of local governments in the United States. Every local jurisdiction operates differently, and publicizes its legislative actions and purchasing decisions in many varied ways - if at all. This presents huge challenges to government relations, community relations, and sales and marketing professionals interested in keeping up with particular issues, trends and procurements.

MultiState helps clients to stay abreast of issues at the local level. Our City and County Issue Alerts Service is tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to cover only the largest cities, thousands of towns across the country, or anything in between, we can design a program that works for you.

MultiState’s City and County Issue Alerts Service is not a run of the mill keyword search. Our dedicated analysts personally review city and county council meeting agendas and other similar policymaking resources to uncover items of interest to you. Our dynamic internal database contains information on council and committee agendas, hearings, minutes, meetings and schedules for proposed ordinances, procurements, or other local actions. Every jurisdiction in our database is monitored through MultiState's own system of agenda and schedule checks for new and follow-up actions of interest.

Our professionals continuously scour these information sources for new developments and action on previously identified initiatives throughout the U.S., pinpointing specific items that are important to you and alerting you immediately via email. These "local alerts" form the core of our City and County Issue Alerts Service. Our goal is to provide advance notice on a new action item or procurement as soon as it is uncovered by our Local Team.

When our City and County Issue Alerts Service identifies key issues of great importance to you, MultiState is also there to provide lobbying resources in those locales as necessary.

This legislative alert and political alert service will assure that you have a handle on the local issues affecting your organization. No more surprises. No more finding out about some critical legislative action or precedent-setting decision after the fact.