When it comes to finding a lobbyist for direct advocacy or legislative monitoring, MultiState already has done the legwork. Our lobbyist network is unique and open, with no fees required to be in our network. We work with lobbyists of the highest levels of character and integrity and have developed trusted, long-term relationships with these lobbying professionals and a first-hand appreciation for each advocate's strengths and styles that only time, experience and a flow of business can provide. We continuously develop, update and vet our network of local and state lobbyists to keep pace with changing political dynamics.

We work with state and local lobbyists on a daily basis so we are able to identify the right professional lobbyist for your issue, negotiate the best price, and evaluate the strategy. As the largest purchaser and provider of state and local lobbying services in the United States, we bring you the cost savings and priority attention that result from our long-term relationships. Lobbyist recommendations are presented to you as proposals. We have an agreement only after you have interviewed and decided to engage our recommended lobbyist. With so many issues, legislators and government agencies to watch, it is easy to miss the subtle changes that can turn legislative victories into defeats. You need accurate information to know how the situation is changing and how to respond immediately and effectively. MultiState provides two lobbying services for your needs: in-state monitoring; and direct advocacy and legislative representation.

Legislative and Executive Branch Advocacy

Need to hire a lobbyist but don’t know where to start? MultiState can find the right lobbyist for your issue - based on expertise, contacts, fit and style. The right match is critical, no matter if your lobbyist search is on short notice or part of next year's strategic plan. Unlike other lobbying firms, we are not a lobbyist recruiting firm that simply provides you with three names of lobbyists. Based on your situation, we present a tailored strategy with one lobbyist. Our recommendation is based on many years of experience, trusted relationships and proven results. In a matter of hours, we identify the lobbyist, coordinate interviews with you and talk through the lobbying strategy. Once you are ready to go forward, we negotiate the best fee and engage the lobbyist immediately. In summary, MultiState:

  • Knows the best local lobbyists in 50 state capitals and major cities;
  • Evaluates the issue;
  • Identifies appropriate lobbyists;
  • Coordinates interviews, checks track records and references;
  • Avoids conflicts of interest;
  • Negotiates lobbyist fees;
  • Builds long-term working relationships with lobbyists;
  • Files lobbying registrations and reports; and
  • Handles invoices and payments.

In-State / On-the-Ground Legislative Monitoring

If you decide not to use a lobbyist for direct advocacy, at least not yet, then MultiState's in-state monitoring service gives you access to our lobbyists as your "eyes and ears" inside state capitols. They walk the corridors and you receive government affairs updates while there is still time to be part of the process. You receive early warnings and reliable prognosis, not rumors or after-the-fact news. If legislative activity warrants engaging a lobbyist, we are there to facilitate that decision, guiding you along the way with expert precision. As you work with your lobbyist, MultiState's executive team remains part of your team, but not an unnecessary filter. We are able to advise, develop strategies, coordinate between states and be your lobbyist watchdog. Additionally, we handle all of the time-consuming administrative burdens including lobbying registration, lobbying reporting and lobbying billing.