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Very useful site that has links to all the bay area governments.
ATLANTA Atlanta city council homepage, features Code of Ordinances, City Council Information (address, fax, e-mail), 1997 and 1998 Committee Appointments, Meeting Agendas, Council Minutes.
BALTIMORE Contains news, government, business, services, neighborhoods, mayor, and attractions.
BOSTON Fairly comprehensive site. Lists Boston City Council meeting date, place and time. Gives links to At-Large City Councilors, District City Councilors, Boston City Council Publications and Resources, City Council Rules, Legislative Process, and City Council's Hearing Schedules.
CHARLOTTE, NC This is the website for the city of Charlotte and the County of Mecklenburg. It contains links to city and county government departments.
CHICAGO Chicago's homepage has improved, but is still rather light on legislative data. You can, however, pay parking tickets online.
DALLAS Another improved site, allows access to minutes of upcoming agenda and minutes of past meetings.
DENVER Superior quality page with links to council bills, council agenda, meeting minutes, council resolutions, unapproved bills, schedule of meetings, etc.
DETROIT History of the city, population, etc. -- strictly a PR effort. The site contains such interesting but useless facts as "Fairlane Mall in Dearborn has over 200 stores." It is also the potato chip capital of the world.
DURHAM Names, addresses, phones and pictures of city council members, with a link to "view the schedule of City Council meetings."
HOUSTON Decent site, has links to city council members and the City of Houston Council Agenda.
INDIANAPOLIS VERY comprehensive, excellent page. Has members, district maps, committees, agendas, meetings, everything you could want from a city page.
LOS ANGELES Contains: how to contact the City Council/Council Committee Clerks, Committee assignments and meeting times, legislative information, agendas, Committee agendas, summaries of Council actions (Journals), and referral memoranda. New - an early notification system.
MIAMI, FL This site contains links to city officials, agencies, ordinances and public meetings. It is a very good site, but it takes a long time to download.
NEW YORK CITY Links to everything you could possibly want to look up about the Big Apple.
OAKLAND City government link has the names of the mayor and council members, and a link to "goals and objectives."
PHILADELPHIA, PA This is a very good site! It contains comprehensive information about each of the city's departments and agencies.
PHOENIX Links to: boards and commissions, budgets, reports and demographic information, directory of services; elected officials; profiles of mayor and city council members, city council district newsletters and description of council subcommittees; public meeting notices and agendas, including the policy, formal and zoning meetings.
PITTSBURGH Official municipal web site for the City of Pittsburgh. Excellent, well-organized and easy to use site with links to Mayor, City Council, Clerk, Controller, and City departments. Council page provides many useful functions, including links to council members, and a "meetings and minutes" link which also provides a guide on how to petition for a public hearing.
RALEIGH Lists the phone numbers of the city executives, and there’s a link to "public notices".
SACRAMENTO Page provides links to City Council, budget tour, and boards and commissions, as well as neighborhood associations. City Council link takes you to interactive color map of the city, with links to council agenda and city clerk. One of the better sites.
SAN DIEGO Very high-tech, easy to search site. Has links to mayor’s office, council districts, council dockets, council minutes, committees, and the city attorney’s office.
SAN FRANCISCO Site redesign makes this main Frisco site much easier to navigate - roster of members, weekly meeting schedule, committees, a full agenda, introduced legislation, and legislative analyst reports all easily accessible.
SAN JOSE The Capital of Silicon Valley gives you links to the mayor, citizen and visitor information, government, business, and employment with the city.
SEATTLE A very thorough site with links to Council Monthly Newsletter, a Citizen's Guide, meetings calendar and agendas, City Council Committees, Public Development Authority (PDA) Assignments, and each of the council members. Bonus -- you can search legislative databases (Council bills, ordinances, and resolutions), or search Seattle Municipal Codes.
ST. LOUISThis site give information on the mayor, press releases, public meetings and notices, major development projects, interactive maps, and a link to the cutest feature on any city page -- Pound Pals: Adopt a Pet.
TAMPA/ST. PETERSBURG Links go to press releases, city council agendas, city council action agendas, other city documents, internal audit reports, and purchasing department schedule of bids and RFPs. Another link goes to an overview of city departments, including council members.
WASHINGTON, D.C. This top notch website is a perfect indicator of how far this city has come. You can search for full text of legislation, by committee, by introducing member ... as good as many state government websites.

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